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What prompted me to write this blog?  Anyone who has been following me since Wisdom and Life’s inception will know my friend, Mary who has stepped in here a few times influenced me to write the blog. I have always had a huge amount of faith and discovering The Law of Attraction a few years ago has only led to an increase in that faith.

What is Law of Attraction?
The basic tenet says:
Our thoughts create our reality.

Ask for what you want.
Give it up to the Universe.
Be grateful when it arrives.

Being Grateful is a HUGE tenet of Law of Attraction.


My spirituality has also always been important to me.  If you take away my faith, my belief system then I’ll cease to be who I am.  When I started writing this blog, it was going to be solely about practicing The Law of Attraction and becoming a better person through that practice.  As with everything, change is a natural course of life and as I wrote my daily entries, I found the blog was leading me in a new direction.  I started writing about my faith and how it has helped me throughout my life.  I still write about The Law of Attraction but now there are more postings here dealing with my faith, my spirituality.  It’s like when I was writing fiction, I couldn’t stop what was flowing out.  If I needed to write Science Fiction and Fantasy and I tried to write in another genre, I always found a way to return to the field I was comfortable in, as it is with this blog.

I tried to stay focused on Law of Attraction postings, but another voice was echoing in my head.  That voice eventually won out.

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Christopher Jennings Penders
Wisdom and Life Author

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

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