White Rock Bridge

So I took last week off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and on Thursday I took a ride to Pawcatuck, Connecticut.  Why Pawcatuck?  What’s there and by the way where the heck is Pawcatuck, I bet you’re asking.

There’s a bridge I discovered there several years ago with my Dad.  We took a drive to the Eastern part of Connecticut when he worked in New London.  I don’t recall the exact reason for the trip, but I brought along my camera as I typically don’t like to be without it.  At the time I only had a four megapixel Canon.  My Dad knew about this bridge and he thought I’d like to shoot it.  He was right.

The White Rock Bridge is an old black steel foot bridge with White Rock Road navigating the bridge to the left.  The Pawcatuck River flows under the bridge.  On one side of the River is an old mill.  You can still see the smoke stack rising out of the tree line:

I would love to get back there in the spring when everything is just blooming.  The greenery and maybe some flowering trees would be magnificent to shoot.  Autumn would be nice too.  Alas this year the colors were muted.  I’m sure I didn’t miss any color since there was very little reds and oranges to speak of anywhere in the Northeast.  It’s one of the reasons spring is my favorite time to shoot.  I’ve never been disappointed with spring blossoms.  Autumn can be hit or miss as clearly evidenced this year.

My goal is to return to Pawcatuck in the spring so I can shoot the bridge then as well.  As I strolled along the footbridge on Thursday, I saw a cormorant:

sitting on a stump in the river.  It was then that I wished I had brought my 70 -300mm lens from the car.  I wasn’t about to trek back however.  By the time I returned to the river, the bird would probably be gone anyway and as I focused on the cormorant and took a few photos, shortly after my last shot, the bird dove into the water as if saying:
See?  I wouldn’t have been here when you returned anyway.

I walked back along the footbridge and took a few more shots and when I was happy, I hiked back to the car.

If you’d like to see my entire gallery, you can click the link below:
White Rock Bridge Photography
Pawcatuck, Connecticut

When I left the area I thought of both of my Grandfathers.  My Dad’s father carried his camera everywhere he went, a Minolta AE1.  I thought:
Now this is something he’d have loved to shoot.  And of course my maternal grandfather is always in my thoughts when I have my camera since he was the person who gave me this sickness.  He bought me my VERY first camera.  You can read my Photographer’s Statement to see how he influenced me with that one gift.  That camera opened up a completely new world and I always think of him now when I’m out shooting.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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