Where Are My Keys?

What to do when there are bills to pay, and the “engine check” light is on again and where the hell are my keys?

Man Seeks God
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Yes, I’m still reading Man Seeks God and yes I’m still finding inspiration from it.  My life used to be a bit more stressful when things like the above took place.  I can very easily recall actually getting angry when I misplaced my keys, running from place to place, tearing my home apart, feeling my heart pound with each place I looked and not locating them.

That was then.

Now I’ve come to a different perspective.
There’s a REASON I lost my keys.
There’s a REASON that Check Engine light came on again.

When these challenges arise now,
I no longer panic.
I no longer get frustrated.
I no longer get angry.

These are all negative emotions.  I’ve learned in the past several years that if you want more negativity in your life, then all you have to do is focus on the negative.

Now let’s be honest here.  How many of us REALLY want to be surrounded by negativity?  You can change your attitude as simply as I changed mine.  The next time a challenging event occurs in your experience find the gift.

Not that easy you say?  Let’s look at a real time event from my own life and I’ll show you the gift:
Several years ago, I was on my to a first date in Branford, Connecticut at the Chowder Pot.  It was raining and dark.  Guess you could  say it was a dark and stormy night.  LoL.  I was actually there, getting ready to make the right hand turn into the parking lot.

The next thing I knew I was across the street into oncoming traffic.  There is a crossroad JUST AFTER the entrance to Chowder Pot and a traffic light.

Gift #1:
The light was red so no cars could go in either direction.  As SOON as I managed to coast back to the other side, the light turned green and cars started streaming.  I was most assuredly watched over and divinely protected.

Gift #2:
Since I was only travelling about 5 miles an hour slowing to that speed to make my right hand turn into the parking lot, there were no injuries.

I’ve had other less traumatic events occur as well.  One such time I was coming home from visiting a friend in Clinton and as I was travelling down Route One, there was a car in front of me literally driving 15 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.  At first I felt my stress begin to rise up.  I sometimes have a lead foot and I never like having someone in front of me, especially someone travelling so slow.  I counted to ten however and calmed down, thinking at that point:
Well; there MUST be a reason I’m being slowed.

As it turned out a mile down the road there was a police car doing routine traffic stops for speeders.  Had I NOT been in front of the slow car I could very well have been stopped.

So, I guess what I’m saying is:
The next time you lose your keys, the next time you find yourself delayed by some outside event, there is ALWAYS a reason for it.

Don’t panic over it.
Don’t get frustrated over it.
Realize there’s a reason and look for the gift.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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