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I appreciate all of my visitors.  Any questions/comments you have that you’d rather ask and have answered privately, feel free to contact me.


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  1. Chris,
    This is your ‘neighbor from across the street’.Much congratulations on the publishing of your two books.
    Just saw the article the Source has about you.
    I hope to make it to your book signing in a few days but not sure at the moment.
    I totally understand your ‘need’ to write.I used to write some odds and ends back in the 80’s but never followed through on anything,so I understand that part of it too.
    I always planned on writing a book and entitling it ‘The Great American Novel’.Whether it would be or not is another story (yeah,pun intended),but at least I could say I wrote The Great American Novel,right?
    Anyways – hope you have continued success in all your endevours…

    Ray R

    ps-I finally found those missing Allman Bros discs back around Memorial Day.I think it was a week after you handed me your business card down at Stop & Shop.They had gotten under my bed.

  2. Exact thing happened to us at my Uncle’s funeral. While he was being place into his resting place, a flock of Canadian geese flew above us and on his grave site as if he’s saying, “I fine and in good hands. Don’t worry about me.” He was a very good doctor by profession and the kindness person that’s always and willingly ready to help. I wanted to attach a video clip of the event that took place but there was no attachment here.

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