Like a Camera, I Use negatives to Develop.

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Everybody Loves Raymond was a favorite show when it was televised on American TV.  The show was about a family in Long Island who lived TOO close to each other.  Raymond and his wife, and three children lived across the street from his parents and his brother, Robert.  In one episode where there was discord between the families, Robert said:
Like a camera, I use negatives to develop.

A little background on the show for those not familiar with it; Robert is always getting the short shrift.  Ray is the special one, the one that gets all the attention.  So that’s why, Robert says he uses negatives to develop.

I remembered this quote and wanted to use it for a blog column because it fits so well with both of my interests:
Photography and my Wisdom and Life Blog.

In reality, cameras develop pictures from negatives, and if someone is putting you down or if you find yourself in negative company you can use those negatives to develop a stronger core.  How do you use negatives to build yourself up?  I bet you’re asking.

You find the positive in the negative.  It’s ALWAYS there.  It just takes some digging or if you want to maintain the camera allusion, you simply have to keep taking pictures.  Speaking of which, I LITERALLY do go out and shoot if I’m not feeling well emotionally.  When I’m out with my camera all my other concerns seem to disappear.  My concentration has to be focused on getting the shot.

Alright, back to the subject at hand:
How do you find the positive?  Here’s an example:
You made plans to go away for the weekend, but the person you made plans with had to back out at the last minute.  Now you’re angry and saddened that you can’t go away.  You stomp through your house slamming doors, huffing, sighing.  It’s Friday night and you were planning on leaving in a short while.

Now what?  You decide to take a walk, rid yourself of some of your energy.  As you stroll through your neighborhood you hear your name being called.  You turn around and find one of your friends coming up behind you.  She says:
I thought you were going away tonight for the weekend?

You shake your head and say no, plans fell through.
She smiles:
Isn’t that fortunate, she says.  I was looking for you.  Wanted to know if you wanted to see Springsteen.  I have an extra ticket.

Oh c’mon, you say that can’t happen.

Well maybe not the Springsteen part.  I DID make that up as I’m listening to him at the moment.  But a similar event DID happen to me, right down to storming through my house and going for that cooling off walk.  So see?  The negative was that I didn’t get to go away.  The positive was I was able to do something more extraordinary and had I gone away I would have missed out on the better experience.  That was the positive.  That’s how we create negatives to develop.

ALWAYS ALWAYS find the positive in the negative and you’ll develop amazing pictures and an amazing life.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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