Still reading Journey of Souls and it is still an amazing book.  One of the reviews on the first couple of pages states that after reading the book, your life will change in unforeseen dramatically better ways.

You’ll see there is a purpose to everyone’s life.
You’ll understand that there is someone for everyone.
Youl’ll understand that there is a spiritual guide watching over your every move.

According to the book:
1 in 10 people say they hear voices. For the overwhelming majority of these people who claim to hear voices, the bulk say they receive positive messages from these voices.

Whether you call it intuition, your inner voice whatever most of the the time this inner voice is your spiritual guide directing you. Don’t dismiss it.  Your guide is there to help you move through any foreseen obstacle that may cross your path.  When you transition, your guide will also be there during your spiritual inquisition.  That may sound like a challenge. What the inquisition really is however is a review of your last life. There is no need to fear it. Your guide is simply there to help facilitate the meeting with the spiritual “Masters.”

How can you reach your guide?  The simplest way is through meditation.  Don’t be disappointed if you don’t reach them right away.  Keep at it. I think it is important to know your guide before you REALLY need them.  Even though they know EVERYTHING there is to know about you well before you know it, it is still important to make contact with THEM before you meet them during your spiritual review.

Your guides are here to help you move through your physical life.  There are issues you cannot resolve when incarnated that would be easier to resolve when in spirit.  It’s one of the reasons we choose to incarnate as physical beings.  It’s as I’ve maintained, we continue to incarnate to work through our physical and spiritual challenges.  Our guides are here to help us move along that physical path.  Reach out to them when you need them

When you hear that inner voice, don’t dismiss it.  That voce after all IS your spiritual guide.
Listen to what it says.
Follow its plan for you.  For your guide knows better then you do.
Your guide has your road map to your life.

Remember what I’ve said here multiple times before:
If you don’t follow your spiritual map this time, you’ll simply have to do it again the next time.

Your guides know where you’re supposed to be headed and if you follow their lead all will be well with your life.  If you fall off and think you know better or if someone tells you they know better and you don’t listen to your guides you will find yourself very unhappy.  You may wind up with many resources at your disposal but your spiritual and emotional life will suffer.

Remember, your guides know best.  Follow their lead.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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