Geoff Fox/WTNH Weatherman

Once again moving entries around here.  Today’s original post is shifting to Monday.  Something happened yesterday that made this change necessary.  Read on to discover what.

For those of you NOT in the New Haven, Connecticut area, let me fill you in on who Geoff Fox is.  Geoff is the local weatherman for Channel 8 News in New Haven.  It was discovered on Wednesday that Geoff’s contract with WTNH will not be renewed.  Needless to say everyone is shocked dismayed and disappointed.

I felt the same way when Smith and Barber left WPLR the local radio station’s morning show.  Geoff Fox has been an institution in Connecticut since the mid 1980s and it was a surprise to me that the news station would do something so arbitrary.  Any type of change can be frightening, if you didn’t see it coming.  I’m sure Geoff is feeling apprehensive about his next step as would anyone in his situation.  There is currently a movement afoot online to bring him back.  I wonder though, if that’s in his best interest.  As I’ve said many times before and MAYBE even here, life is about moving forward.

Another quotation I’m fond of repeating is:
A door closes and a window opens.

I can cite  several examples of this happening.  The one that comes most vividly to mind is Lowell Weicker’s defeat to Joe Lieberman for State Senate in 1988.  Weicker probably thought his career in politics was over with his defeat in 1988, but look what happened.  In 1990 he returned to politics and became the Governor of Connecticut.  So because something has all the appearances of catastrophe doesn’t necessarily mean it will ALWAYS be catastrophic.

If you can remember that change is a natural progression of life and row your boat with the current, you may discover that life isn’t the struggle you make it out to be.  There is a plan for everyone that can’t be altered and this is all part of Geoff Fox’s life plan.  We all find our way.  We all land on our feet in the end.  We simply have to trust in the divine order that everything is happening according to that plan.

Just as Lowell Weicker’s life may have looked distressing at the time of his defeat to Joe Lieberman, Geoff Fox will find like Lowell Weicker that something better will be just around the corner.  Geoff simply has to trust that the divine is working just as it should be.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

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