Flaws Are What Make Us Human

I don’t see flaws in ANYONE.  Oh they are there.  We all have them.  The trick is NOT to hide them.  Laura Page at her blog Literary Legs wrote a column called The Flaws are Fine.  In that column she writes that:
When I’m writing in my journal, which I do frequently, my writing is much different than it is when I’m writing elsewhere. I don’t use whole sentences. I use a ton of elipses.

Laura was blogging about her writing style but I’m taking this in a different direction.

Everyone has them.  We shouldn’t hide them.  We should proudly display them.  Flaws are what make us human.

Do you walk funny?
Do you sometimes have difficulty getting the words out that you want to say?

For me the answer is yes to both examples above.  Am I worried when people who don’t know me see and listen to me the first time?

Not anymore.  It’s much like my spirituality and my faith.  The way I walk and talk are such a part of me that you can’t take them away from me.  If you attempted to take any part of who I am away from me, I would cease to be who I am.  That goes for my faith as well as for all of my challenges.

It is my faith that has helped me meet my challenges, my flaws, and make friends with them.  I have a challenge with my speech, some may call it a flaw.  I don’t see it.  This past March, (2011) I faced that challenge and spoke in front of an audience of over 70 people for the first time since I was in high school in the early 1980s.  The only way to defeat your challenges, your flaws are to meet them head on.

Flaws are not a bad thing.
Flaws are not a good thing.
They just are.

It depends on your attitude whether you see them as your friend or your enemy.  The next time someone points one of your flaws, tell them this story:
Laura alluded to it and my brother who was in the military told the story too.  My brother traveled to the Middle East during one of his military assignments and he brought back a Persian Rug.  When he returned to the United States he showed his rug off.  Then he pointed to a different colored thread in the rug.  It was distinctively different, but nothing anyone would see upon a quick perusal of the carpet.  He then told us that ALL genuine Persian Rugs will have a flaw sewn into them.

Why you may ask?
It is because only God is perfect.  Everyone and everything as flaws, challenges, difficulties.  We should be proud of our flaws, proud of our challenges.  We can overcome then if we put faith in whatever power we believe in.

What are some of your flaws?
How have you overcome them?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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