Everyone Dreams

Everyone dreams.
The THEORY is that the ONLY time we DON’T dream is when we’re in transition.
Theory?  Yes.  Has anyone returned from transition and been able to debate the fact that:
Yes we DO dream when we
we’re in transition.
We just may not remember our dreams.  If we didn’t dream we’d be in transition.  So why am I writing about Dreaming today?  Well, because my friend, Debra at Pure and Simple recently wrote a post called Off the Wall that I left a comment on about experiencing lucid dreaming and a few times several years ago having a FEW prophetic dreams.  Debra wanted to know more about my experience with these dreams.

One of the oddest night time experiences I’ve had, occurred while I was still living with my parents.  I don’t know whether you’d call this a dream.  If not, I have NO idea what you’d call this:
I woke up in the middle of the night waking everyone else in the house in process yelling out:
Where are the cutters?

My Mom walked into my bedroom and found me on my knees flipping up the bedspread, peering under my bed for the “Cutters.”  I distinctly, even to this day, recall the cutters (scissors) lying on my bed (in my dream) and falling to the floor.  I was halfway between sleep and awake when I crawled out of bed and began looking for the scissors.  It was far from my mind that what I was doing was any bit out of the ordinary.

I saw the scissors fall in my dream and I wanted them back.
Alas since the experience WAS a dream, I never found the cutters.

Lucid Dreams:
Dreaming when we know we are dreaming.  Sometimes we can manipulate the dream to our benefit.  I’ve experienced lucid dreaming on occasion and sometimes been able to change the course of a dream.  One such time occurred about a month ago:
In my dream, I was out with my Dad fishing on Martha’s Vineyard.  I SUDDENLY became aware this was a dream. (I’m never quite sure how these things happen, but I clearly understood that I was dreaming.)  My Dad was half way down the beach and for some reason I wanted to reach him.  I couldn’t.  In my dream I wasn’t supposed to reach him.  I was stuck in the sand.  It was at this moment that I realized this was a dream and all I had to do was move my feet one after the other.  In my dream state I clearly saw myself putting one foot in front of the other.  I reached my Dad in a heartbeat.  It was as I reached out to him that I woke.

I think the knowledge that I was indeed dreaming had an effect on waking me up at that point.

Prophetic Dreams:
Dreams where what you dream become reality in the future.  There have only been a handful of times when I recall having prophetic dreams.  And when that has occurred, I don’t immediately recall the dream happening.  In fact, after I recall the dream, it feels like a cloud, a fog almost. Almost like the dream never happened in the first place.  And the prophetic dreams I HAVE experienced only go so far.  I haven’t had a prophetic dream in a long while, but here’s an example of what I mean by they only go so far.  The last prophetic dream I recall having:
I was out riding (I wasn’t driving.) in a  car going to visit my dad on Martha’s Vineyard.  We passed a sign on the highway and I KNEW that I had seen that sign before.  I also knew we were going the wrong way.  It was my sister I was with and I tried to tell her that we were in the wrong lane, but she insisted that we were going the right way.

Guess who turned out to be right?

Visitation Dreams:
This is the MOST recurring example I have of my “sensitivity “ dreams.  When someone close to me transitions, I typically dream about them shortly after.  This happens so frequently now that I welcome the visit, for I understand it is simply a sign to let me know that the visitor is safe.  Dreams are the ONLY way those who have transitioned have to communicate with us.  If you’re fortunate enough to experience this yourself, be grateful.

Anyone else have dream experiences such as these?  Would love to hear from you in the comment field.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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