Leave Me Alone. I’m Writing!

Leave me alone. I’m writing.

Christopher Jennings Penders


My friend, Mike Allton inspired today’s column when he shared:
12 Things You Should Never Say To A Writer


Before I start this column, let me say, I’m aware that many of you may see the above quote and think:
Wow!  That’s kind of harsh.

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Let me just say sometimes in order to create boundaries we need to be harsh.  To protect ourselves.


I’m sure writers everywhere have experienced interruptions with the person doing the interrupting saying something like:
Oh, you’re only writing and you can’t take a moment to talk?  Or something to that effect


It’s the only writing thing that disturbs me more than being interrupted because THAT ONE phrase trivializes what we do. It seems as if ALL artists are spoken to this way.


–Would you interrupt a lawyer in the middle of a trial?
–Would you interrupt a chef while they were cooking?
I think not?


Then why is it alright to do so to an artist?  Because art, ANY KIND of art is no longer taken seriously.  We consider it a hobby, something people do to pass the time; not as a vocation, not as something one does to get paid. This is also reflected in the world when someone asks if you can give your work away without compensation. There is an overall lack of respect for artists in general and I find it shameful that it still happens.  


Writers matter.  For without the written word, society would cease to exist. So the next time you consider interrupting a writer while they are working, AFTER they have already said as much (And YES. I said working) think about whether you would do the same to someone in another field.  It’s why when I write, I don’t answer my phone, or respond to texts or emails.  Most of my friends and family now understand that IF I don’t respond, it means that I’m working.  And on the off chance that I do pick up a ringing phone and say I’m writing and I can call back later, MOST people understand.  It took some conditioning to get the point across and yes there are STILL SOME times when I need to recondition.  For the most part however, people now respect me when I say I can call back later.  I even have an outgoing message on my phone that says I may be writing.


Anything we can do to get across the understanding that yes, for some of us, writing is much more than just a hobby.  


For me, writing was my first passion even before I picked up my first camera.  I’ve been writing since I COULD write.  So when someone, ANYONE disrespects my writing, they disrespect me.  


Am I the only one who feels this way?  Would love to hear from others in the comments below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;

We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.


Snowball Effect and Law of Attraction

For those of you unaware I wear a myriad of hats:


Social Media Consultant.

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I belong to the Madison Connecticut Chamber of Commerce on the back of my photography business:
CJP Photos.

However, I’ve found another venture I have re-imagined is getting me more attention now than my photography.  At one point in the late 1990s and very early 2000s I owned a computer consulting business.  I built several Windows based computers for a few clients.  I used my knowledge to troubleshoot both hardware and software.  My client base was huge, having over a hundred clients.


In 2001 after finishing my library science degree, I found a job at my local library where I still put my computer knowledge to work.  Once hired full time I dispersed my clients to several other people I knew and trusted.  I kept a handful for myself so I could keep my hands in the business.  That computer business has now been re-imagined and that is what is drawing clients now.  I help people maintain their websites as well as get people up to speed on the various Social Media platforms available.  I never want to get as busy as I did with my computer business.  I don’t have the time and it wouldn’t be fair to those “imagined clients” if I couldn’t help them.  At the moment I have about six clients and I can afford to acquire approximately four more.  I can maintain a base of ten, not much more than that however.

The Madison Chamber of Commerce has a monthly social gathering where local business owners come for food, beverage and connection.


Last month I attended the social with my friend, Cathy who owns an eco friendly cleaning business.  I maintain Cathy’s website:
Sea Green Natural and I promote her business online.


As a result of that, she does her best to help promote my Social business.  Last month, at the Chamber event, I picked up a new client and we met for the first time last Wednesday (November 12.)  When our meeting ended, Agnieshka Jadak from Jadak Hair Restoration couldn’t have been happier with how much I did for her in the two hours we were together.  We have another meeting scheduled for today.  A few hours later, my phone rang.  Another client, this one also a referral from Cathy, wants me to edit a manuscript and help him with Social Media.


And that’s not all:
The following morning I received a call from a friend of mine who wants me to help get him up to speed with Social.


This was a connection I made on my own.  I’m convinced however, that all of these clients are connected to Agnieshka starting the snowball rolling.  You know how strong a belief I have in Law of Attraction.  The fact that these other clients came immediately after that initial meeting leads me to believe it is surely Law of Attraction in action.  The more we do something, the more we are active with something that brings us joy, the more of that that will arrive in our world.


So I have Cathy and Agnieshka to thank for this snowball.  It’s rolling and picking up speed.  I know it will continue to accumulate more snow (more clients) as it builds momentum.  I have the ability to slow the momentum if I feel overwhelmed, which is also a good thing.  At the moment, however, I’m relishing the speed at which all this is happening.  I’m so excited.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.



Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;


We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.

Beware the Ego

Beware of the ego playing the role of spiritual teacher.

Path of the Open Heart
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Path of the Open Heart is one of my new friends on google+.  She recently posted a column on G+ that is linked under the quote above.  The moment I read that quote I knew that i wanted to use it as a launch pad for an upcoming column at Wisdom and Life.  I contacted her and she agreed to let me use the quote.


So first, why should we beware the ego at all?
–Ego wants is divisive.
–Ego needs to be right.
–Ego loves conflict.
–Ego always wants more.


Do any of these things sound remotely spiritual?  Lets take a look at each one and dispel them:
It seems as if many religions feed off of divisiveness but a spiritual person does their best to prevent divisiveness from entering their realm.  Not that the spiritual tend to roll over and let people take advantage of them.  That’s the furthest thing on the mind of a spiritual person.  We just tend to let things roll off our backs.  We don’t hold grudges.  We don’t let divisiveness control us.


The Need to be Right:
I have often written at Wisdom and Life and on G+ about what is more important in life:
The Need to be right or the need to maintain a loving relationship.  The Spiritual person is more concerned with the need to maintain the relationship.  We can forgo being right for the benefit of keeping a healthy relationship.


As with divisiveness, those with spirituality in their nature tend to remove conflict from their lives in much the same way they remove divisiveness.  We who feel spirituality all around us have a challenge with conflict.  We tend to avoid it.  We look for ways to resolve it when we see it.
Some of us jump in and negotiate.
Some of us are peacekeepers.
Some of us are peacemakers.


Wanting More:
One of the basic tenants of Law of Attraction, another topic that gets discussed at Wisdom and Life is to be grateful for what we have.  Being grateful for what we have, thanking the Divine for all that is given to us is one way of getting more.
Don’t covet.
The grass is NOT greener on the other side.


We should be thankful for what we have as I said above.  Wanting more only feeds the ego.  It creates competition and while competition is sometimes a good thing, the only person we should be competing against is ourselves.  Unfortunately, ego would rather compete against your neighbor.  Let’s face it.  We all have different values.


If we are honest with ourselves, we REALLY don’t want to be like anyone else.  We want to be true to our own values.  By competing against someone else, by wanting more, what we are truly telling the universe is that we are unhappy, that we are not grateful.  If that’s what we are telling ourselves. then that’s what will be reflected in our lives.


A spiritual person looks around their life and while they may not have everything they want, they can find a way to thank God for what they do have.


A teacher is someone who guides their students, who brings out the best in their students.  Do you really want the ego teaching us what is best?


What is best for the ego is:
— Divisiveness.
–The need to be right.
–Wanting more.


And that really isn’t what is best for our souls.
Our souls should be our spiritual guides.
Our souls should be our spiritual teachers.


For when we follow our souls, we are following our dreams, we are following our hearts, we are chasing joy.  And joy is what we should be chasing!


Can you ignore ego?
Can you ignore the voices that say:
Follow the money.
Chase the career.


That is ego reaching out


Your soul cries out:
Follow your dream.
Follow your heart.
Follow the path that the Divine has placed before you.


That’s where your treasure lies.


Don’t let the ego be your spiritual teacher!


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Success is not to be pursued

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become.


Jim Rohn


The above quote reminds me of my friend, Gibson Goff who writes a blog called A Daily Dose of Success.  Like many bloggers I’ve met since arriving on the Social Media scene, I think Gibson and I connected almost immediately once we found each other.  Since I discovered Google+, there have been a handful of bloggers I resonate with.  Gibson is definitely one of them.  There have been several times in the past few months where we have written similar content without being aware of it until it was shared on G+.


What is the important word in the quote above?  Let’s see if I can help you a bit.  The word I’m thinking of is an overriding theme of Wisdom and Life.


Could it be attract?
As in attraction?
As in attracting?


A few weeks ago, Gibson wrote in a column called What If You Already Knew You Were A Success?  In the column, he writes:
What if there was a book, a manual of you, that showed in the back of that book that you were already successful at what you are trying? You went to the back of that book, and saw that you possessed huge sums of money. Or that you had accomplished something that you were not even considering. How would that make you feel?


Success is already in your grasp.  Why chase something you already have?  When we consider the word chase, when you consider the word pursue, what comes to mind?


For me physical exertion comes to mind.  Have you heard the phrase:
I want to work smarter not harder.


Isn’t that the wish of most us have?  Why chase something and become winded?  What happens if you don’t think you’ve accomplished your goal?  Most of us who are chase success will ALWAYS be chasing success.  We will never find peace.  And peace is something we should be locating.  There are many people I know who are financially successful and miserable in every other aspect of their lives.  So that should prove to everyone that acquiring great financial wealth does NOT mean someone will be happy.


Success in many people’s minds equals financial success.  What if I were to tell you that those who equate money with success are wrong, that those who look to acquire THINGS are wrong?  Many of you may look at me twice, many of you may do a double take.


Do you know what I THINK makes you a success?


Are you at peace?
Are you joyous?
Do you enjoy your career?


Being at peace with your life
Being joyous


That’s what I believe equals success.


Don’t chase success.
Embrace it.
For it’s when you chase something that you get tired, that you get winded.  Success is already yours, you only have to embrace it.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Deeper Spirituality equals Deeper Patience

I’ve talked before about how my spirituality has deepened since discovering Law of Attraction.  What I haven’t discussed is some of the ramifications of that deeper sense of faith.  One of the consequences I’ve noticed, is a stronger tolerance, maybe tolerance is the wrong word.


Patience works better.  I’m more patient, more tolerant now when I hear people profess their faith, speak about their worldview.  I don’t get as agitated anymore.  There was a time when I would shut down, when I’d walk away from someone, when I’d shake my head in distress if someone brought up their faith and what they believed.


Now that I find myself in the company of those who have a strong faith as I do

Now that I run in some of the same circles, I find it easier to welcome the thoughts of like minded people.  My deeper faith has provided deeper tolerance, deeper patience.  I noticed this recently on Google+, my social network of choice.


In response to someone’s content there. I mentioned that I never felt more comfortable sharing my worldview in an open arena like G+.  Other networks I belonged to in the past always felt claustrophobic, as I didn’t REALLY belong, if I shared something, I kind of always waited for the other shoe to drop.  I waited to be told:
Oh, you can’t share that here.


G+ has been a rewarding experience for me for this reason too.

–I’ve become more tolerant.
–I’ve become more patient.


And I think the cause has been my own growth, my own faith, my own spirituality.

I’ve been castigated
I’ve been rebuked.


I think being on the receiving end of a few flame wars over what I’ve written and shared on some other networks has convinced me that I no longer want to engage myself.  That’s wy one of the things I say at Wisdom and Life is:
Take me or leave me. I no longer worry what others think.


I guess what I’m saying here most is:
That because my faith grew over the past several years I also recognized that my patience for other people’s worldviews has grown as well.


Have you noticed when something in your own life has deepened you’ve also discovered a deeper patience for that thing as well?


Would love to hear from you.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


Contentment and Peace

I’ve recently been mentioning my G+ friends at Wisdom and Life frequently.  I spend all of my social media time on that one platform and as a result I’ve curated many followers there.  I’d like to consider the people I tag from G+ friends.  Google+ is where those who are content developers should be for a variety of reasons.  You can read my Social Category to discover why I feel this way.


Today blogger,  G+er,  and my friend, Yvonne Wilson gets the nod.  On Wednesday, August 14, Yvonne wrote a column at her blog called:  3 Steps That Lead to Contentment.  The column starts out with:
“What will make you happy?” That’s the question a young pastor began his sermon with recently. He gave us a few moments to think and I began typing away on my iPad a short list of things that would do the trick; a steady income, benefits, a book deal, a life God would be pleased with…But the pastor didn’t wait for the congregation to finish our thoughts. “If you have an answer to that question,” he interrupted, “you will never be happy.”


It’s like I’ve blogged myself many times over.  Yvonne’s pastor is spot on.  You shouldn’t have to answer that question.  We shouldn’t be looking for happiness.


If we look,
If we search,


Then we aren’t happy now.  So what is the answer?
How do you find contentment and peace?


The only way I know of is to stay in the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle popularized this sentiment with his book The Power of Now.  Tolle’s thesis is what I’m saying here with this column:
What happens when we look ahead?
When we attempt to forecast?


That’s when we panic.  Because we DON’T know what will come next.  We have to learn to “Let Go and Let God.”  Only God knows our future.  God has our entire lives mapped out.  Everything will be ok in the end.  It’s when we forget this and think ahead that we falter, that we become anxious.


Stop looking ahead.
Stop Forecasting.

Stay in the present moment.  You know the saying:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why it is called the Present.

We have to remember this.  Continue opening the present.  It’s the only way I know to find contentment, to find peace.

Yvonne mentions three steps:
–Manage Your Expectations.
–Give Generously. 
–Practice the Art of Gratitude.


All three of these are spot on as well.  When we manage our expectations we don’t hope for something to come to pass.


By hoping, we are giving our control over to another set of circumstances.
By hoping, we expect someone or something else to fulfill our desire when the only person who can fulfill what we want is us.


I’m not telling everyone to give up hope.  Just don’t misguide your hope.  Choose carefully.


When we give generously, the act of giving will return to us exponentially.  Have ever noticed when you do someone a kindness, whether it’s giving a smile to someone. letting someone ahead of you in line or paying for someone’s lunch or even coffee, at some point that day or even later that week, someone will do something reciprocal for you?  Giving generously is one sure way of receiving abundance.  Giving generously also brings a sense of joy which can lead to effective contentment.


And of course, anyone who has been following Wisdom and Life for any length of time knows how I feel about gratitude.  I’ve written a column on Being Grateful.  And the topic runs through the entirety of Wisdom and Life.  I may not discuss it specifically, but the theme is always running below the surface.  Being grateful is so important to peace and contentment.


Stay in the present moment and peace will find you.


If you can find EVEN one thing in your life to be grateful for, peace will find its way in.  Follow Yvonne’s three steps and you’ll discover contentment is directly in front of you.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



G+ Circle Management

My circles on G+ have been exploding in the past week and I think it’s because I’ve been included in a few public circle shares.  One from Christine DeGraff, that has been shared multiple times and one from another G+er, Johnny Wood, who is in my Social Media circles. Jonathon Barton discovered me and added me to his own circles.  I previously discussed circle management on my blog at Sharing, Re-sharing and Circles.


In that column, I discussed the fact that i broke down my circles into topics that I was interested in and I understand many people on G+ do so when they first break into this Social Media platform.  For the past couple of weeks however, I’ve been looking for a new way to communicate with my fellow G+ers.  As is ALWAYS the case, (And this is how I choose to see things) when I put something out there (to the Universe/God,) I initiate a spark that follows my thought until it finds what is looking for.  When spark and thought meet, to create what I’m looking for there is an explosion of joy.


Jonathon Barton was that explosion on Saturday, July 20 when he circled me.  Jonathon recommends creating 5 new circles in G+:

Post Share


Dump everyone from all your circles into “Everyone”.


This may take two passes, as you may bump against the ‘daily circling limit’ that Google has, if you have a lot of people already circled.


Go ahead and keep people in your various (dishevelled) specialty circles if you like, but




People in those circles are real human beings and post all kinds of stuff, cat macros, macro photography, circle management strategies, etc. that are completely unrelated to the circle you’ve put them in…


Again – your specialty circles are now for POSTING, not READING.


Now that you have everyone in Everyone…

As people interact with you, add them to the circle that matches how they interacted.

Did someone +1 your post, your comment, or your comment on someone else’s posts? Put them in +1ers. Same with commenting on your posts, and/or resharing them – put them in the proper circle right from the notification pane.


When you discover someone who has been added to 4 of the 5 new circles – i.e. they have check marks for Everyone, +1ers, Commenters, and Post Shared, add them to Regulars.


The side effect of organizing this way is that the level of consistent interaction I have with people has gone WAY WAY up. because I’m interacting more frequently with people who interact with me more frequently. There isn’t really a case where someone who is +1ing my posts regularly is getting lost in the shuffle – it just takes one +1 to get dropped into the +1 Circle – and then when I read the +1 Circle, I’m likely to +1 your post, because I KNOW you’ve already done the same with me… Same with sharing, and commenting…

And of course, it makes figuring out who your ‘regulars’ are dead simple.


* Everyone who circles me gets circled, and they go into Everyone, so when I run out of content in the other 4 circles of people who have interacted with me, there’s a secondary stream of content where I can be the one giving the first +1, Comment on, Reshare, etc. “Give and Get Give” as the mangled paraphrase goes.


* Periodically remove everyone from the Everyone circle and leave only the people in special interest circles and the ‘interaction’ circles. If you’ve had me circled for a while, but haven’t found a single thing I post to be worth a +1, and you haven’t posted content interesting enough for me to drop you into a specialty circle (Gaming, Science, Ukulele, Motorcycles, etc.) where I think you belong, then you’re outta here, bub.


All of this info is at his “About Page” on his profile.


As I said at the outset of writing this column:
I was looking for a new way to manage my circles within the last week or so; only because I wanted to interact with my “regular” interactors and here comes Jonathon Barton knocking my Law of Attraction/Universal door.


Once more this proves to me again that what you “put out there”  will be answered.  Can you now understand why I feel that Law of Attraction REALLY does work?  You only have to choose to see it.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



I’ve mentioned my obsession with Pompeii previously at Wisdom and Life.  A few days ago on Sunday, July 14, a G+ friend, Tina Gray tagged me.  She mentioned a song by Bastille called Pompeii and it got me thinking about the city that was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius.



Image from:
Providence College

I’ve been obsessed with that city since I was in middle school.  Many of my friends know of my compulsion; and a few who have had the opportunity to travel to Pompeii have brought back something for me.  One of the things I treasure most  is a few strands of rosemary from inside the walls of Pompeii.  My friend, Eric’s Mom brought it back for me.  Quite surprising as I never mentioned Pompeii to Eric or his Mom.  When I asked how both of them knew, they smiled and said:
Madison is a small town.


Apparently nothing stays secret long in a small community.  It’s like I’ve joked about repeatedly:
I wouldn’t make a criminal in my hometown.  I’m just too well known.


The lyric that deeply resonates with me in Pompeii is:
If you close your eyes does it almost feel like you’ve been here before.


I imagine that’s what intrigued Tina Gray and why she shared the video with me.  In her share with me she wrote:
Hi Chris, When I read your latest dream interpretation and your Pompeii obsession I automatically thought of this song which is performed by a great set of musicians which I have a bit of an obsession with…so, I am sharing this song just with you just because..its what you and I do. Enjoy


I always enjoy when someone comments on a column I’ve written at one of my two blogs because it is really the only way I have of knowing when a particular person has read something I’ve written and shared.  Google+ has been amazing that way.  It’s been the only social network I’ve been on where I get that kind of engagement with my readers.  More readers have engaged with me on Google+ than any other network I’ve been on.


Back to that lyric:
I’ve often wondered about Pompeii and whether I was REALLY there in a past life.  You know how I feel about past lives, that I sincerely believe I’ve been incarnated before and will be again.  If I close my eyes, does IT FEEL like I’ve been there before?  I don’t know whether I can truly answer that.  I can only say that I have the Pompeii obsession.  One of the attributes, they say of a past life, is having a compulsion for a particular place.  I have it in spades for Pompeii.


You can ask any of my friends.
You can ask any of my family.


Do you have a compulsion for a particular place?
Do you have a compulsion for a particular time?


Could it be a past life attempting to make contact?
You’ll never know unless you start seeking answers.


Have you ever considered a past life regression?  A good friend of mine, TJ went through a regression and found it completely utterly fascinating.


Are you strong enough to attempt it?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


J.C. Kendall

On Sunday night after I arrived home from a Father’s Day trip to New Britain, Connecticut for a Rock Cats Minor League Baseball game, I went online and pulled up Google+.  I read with despair of the transitioning of one J.C. Kendall.

For those of you not on Google+, let me give a brief synopsis:
G+ is Google’s response to  Social.  Many compare it to Facebook.  There are SOME similarities, however G+ is building its platform around social search.

J.C. Kendall was someone that understood what Google was doing and we connected so well because after some time being on G+, I also understood what Google was doing.

J.C. spent much time on G+.  I met him online with a post he shared in January 2013:
What is Your Personal Brand Saying.  I re-shared his post here expanding on his comments.  Check it out.  I THINK it was after I re-shared that, that J.C. looked me up and circled me.  In February, I wrote another column discussing the merits of G+ and J.C. re-shared Sharing, Resharing and Circles.

We didn’t communicate often, but when we did, it was with mutual understanding of what we were discussing.  I have a wide array of interests and J.C. and I connected on a few.  Social Media was one such interest that we were simpatico with and when J.C wrote ANYTHING about Social I made sure to read it.  His absence from G+ will leave a huge void that will be felt by many for a long time to come.  There are several people who can take J.C’s flag and run with it but no one will be able to take his place.  He will be sorely missed.

Why am I sharing my relationship and how it developed in the short time I knew him?  J.C. was a power user on G+.  I want to show that if you attract those power users it is MUCH easier to develop a long term relationship with them.  It’s as I said in The Power of Social:
G+ is a place for engagement.
G+ is a place to make new relationships..
G+ is a place to network


You have to attract those users however.  How to do this?  You don’t necessarily have to write about “Social.”  But you SHOULD be knowledgeable about what you DO write.  And you SHOULD share other people’s content, influential people in your circles.  I’m fortunate to be on G+ in its early stages and I’ve developed strong relationships with many of the power users here, because I share valuable content.


I was lucky to find J.C’s What is Your Personal Brand Saying
…and because I’ve been involved with Social Media for many years, I understand what J.C. pointed out in the article he shared.  I jumped right on the topic and re-shared it, mentioning him in the process.  This from my column Sharing, Re-sharing and Circles:
Another advantage to G+ is the opportunity the network gives its users to re-share content. I’ve seen examples of this all the time.  WHENEVER I re-share content, I ALWAYS mention the original person in my re-share line.  How do I do that?  In the content line, I place a plus (+) then immediately next to the sign I add the person’s name.  This way they receive notification that they have been shared.  This is only good etiquette and I believe it is something everyone who re-shares content should consider.


When I plussed J.C. he received a notification that I mentioned him and that began our “social” relationship.  Once he circled me I knew he received all of my content.  He may not have read everything I shared, but I understood that.  I ALWAYS knew when something I shared connected with him because he either left a comment or notified me.


J.C will be missed as he was one of the users that everyone in the early stages of G+ looked to for valuable content.  He wasn’t just a power user.  J.C. helped everyone understand the new social that Google was moving toward.  I was grateful that he saw in me some of the same attributes that he himself had.  And I was grateful to have connected with him for the short time I did.

I wish him safe passage into the next transition.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.
And Blessings to all who knew J.C. Kendall.


Where are the G+ Business Pages?

On Friday, May 31, 2013 I wrote on Google+:

I keep hearing:
“Find us on Facebook.”
And I wonder how much longer it will be before we begin hearing:
“Find us on G+.

I sometimes give a tease for an upcoming column on my blog.  This was the case with the post I shared last Friday.  I seldom say whether what I say on G+ is a tease so be on the lookout in the future for this activity coming from me.

I’ve been listening to WPLR in the morning before heading out first in the early to mid 1980s for school then in the late 1980s and forward before heading into work.  A few days ago while listening to Chaz and AJ in the Morning, I heard them say for the upteenth time:
Find us and like us on our Facebook Page. which is what lead me to post that content on Google+.

I know!  You’re probably thinking:
This isn’t the first time they’ve said that.  Is this REALLY the first time you heard it?  
No.  It wasn’t the first time, but it WAS the first time I paid attention and that was when I realized we have yet to hear:
Find us on Google+/plus one our page.

There are indications that Facebook is on the downslide.  It was reported several months ago that many Facebook profiles may not even be real.

–In August 2012, Forbes.com wrote an article:
An Estimated 83 Million Profiles are Fake.
–In another column written by Janet Takavoli on Huffington Post  in December 2012, called:
Facebook’s Fake Numbers: ‘One Billion Users’ May Be Less Than 500 Million
–Finally on Huffington Post in August 2012 Dominique Mosbergen wrote:
Facebook Has 83 Million ‘Fake’ Or Duplicate Users, About 8.7 Percent Of All Active Accounts

I certainly understand that the 83 million figure is not a hugely significant number when you have the accounts that facebook has.  However, that 83 million number DOES stand out.  If, as it looks, there REALLY is a number of that implication, how many of those “Fake” profiles are pushing the “like” button on various pages and how many of those “Fake” profiles are following pages/people/groups?

This is where Google is improving its standings in the like/follow community.  Google is insisting that its users of Google+ (G+) sign on and continue in ALL of its services with their full names.  I think Google concluded from watching Facebook that it was in Google’s best interest to correct some of Facebook’s mistakes.  (So, see?  Sometimes it is beneficial to come late to the party.)

You’re able to stand on the sidelines and watch the errors that others make and ensure you don’t travel the same road.  By insisting on real names being used when on any of Google’s products they have circumvented Facebook’s challenge with fake users vs. real users.  I don’t think you will see the same issue appear in relation to fake users on G+.

Which brings me back to the reason for this column today:
Why haven’t we seen a “Find Us on G+” campaign?

Are companies still afraid to jump into an untested product?

Google as a company is far from untested.  Maybe other companies have seen the results of Google’s other forays into “social.”  Maybe they believe G+ will go the way of Buzz and Wave.  This certainly doesn’t appear to be happening however.  Buzz and Wave were only steps into the vast ocean of “social.”   Google+ is on a deep dive that shows no sign of rising.  The ONLY thing that is rising is Google’s place in “social.”

–According to Business Insider in May 2013:
Suddenly, Google Plus Is Outpacing Twitter To Become The World’s Second Largest Social Network

PC World in January 2013 wrote:
Google+ outranks Twitter as no. 2 social network after Facebook

Seeing these signs pointing to social domination by Google as well as search domination leads me again to ask the question:
Where are all the businesses?

A company who built its reputation on search would more than likely build all of its products around search, wouldn’t you say?  And that’s exactly what Google is doing with G+.  I won’t rehash what I wrote in the past, I will simply refer you to my:
Social category at Wisdom and Life

If you want detail on the search implications of G+ read my column:
Why Google+.

You’d think that companies would see the bigger picture and at least “step into the vast ocean.”
Create a G+ Business Page
–Start promoting your page on radio, in print, online, in television ads.
–Make sure you post relevant content.

It continues to baffle me why we don’t see this happening yet.  If Facebook is still a priority because that’s where your followers are, fine.  It certainly can’t be that challenging to update another profile.  Heck there are applications that let you share the same content across media platforms.  When you create your pages make sure you have way to track your visitors to your website.

–Follow up on your stats.
–Watch how your visitors find you.

I use Google Analytics on all three of my websites.  As you can well see I’m ALL in with Google.  I have been since Google debuted.  Analytics does an excellent job of showing what you need to see.  I’ve noticed a huge uptick in visits to all of my sites since I received my beta invite to Google+ before the platform debuted to the entire public.

If I’ve seen an uptick can you imagine what someone the likes of Ford, Sony, Apple or some other big name company would see if they spent time creating a business presence on Google+?  If business waits too long it may very well be too late.

Once more:
What are you waiting for?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.