Contrast and Desires

You did not say, “Let’s go forth into this physical experience and take all the ideas that exist and whittle them down to just a few good ideas that we can all agree on and peacefully cohabitate.” Instead you said, “Let’s go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more. Let’s let the contrast be more so that the desires can be more, so that the Energy will have more avenues to which to flow.”


Friday, November 22, 2013

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Abraham-Hicks is correct:
Life is all about moving forward.
Life is all about expanding our horizons.


The entire concept we were most likely raised with that we should concentrate on a few ideas, that we should narrow our life skills down to only a select few, that we should know what we want without experiencing the whole of life is an anathema.


There are very few people who know what they want at a young age and fewer still who have the skills to follow through.  That’s why it is so important to try many different tasks, look at many different ideas, have a variety of desires.  The more you experience, the better you’ll be at knowing what you want and what doesn’t work for you.


It’s the same reason I read from EVERY genre.  How else will I be able to communicate my likes and dislikes with a plethora of people.  Not everyone will resonate with a particular genre so isn’t it better to be well rounded?  Isn’t it better to have the ability to discuss a number of genres with someone?


On the same token, isn’t it better to have a variety of skills so that when the time comes to choose your career you can say:
Oh, that’s not for me because I’ve already done that.
But I love doing THAT.  I can see  myself in that career.


Without contrast you won’t know desire.


Peacefully Cohabitate

This reminds me of one of my recurring Star Trek themes here at Wisdom and Life (And yes if you didn’t know yet, I AM a HUGE Star Trek fan)

One of later characters from the Star Trek Universe is The Borg.  Their ever recurring line is:
We are the Borg.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.


Peacefully cohabitating as mentioned above is reminiscent of The Borg’s wanting to assimilate everyone they come in contact with.  Captain Picard’s response to assimilation paraphrased is:
It is our differences that make us human.


As is the case with the line from Abraham-Hicks:
Instead you said, “Let’s go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more.


Expansion of thought and differences are what make us human
Not everyone following each other like lemmings
Not assimilation.


We have to know contrast.
We have to know different.
Remember, if you in a contrasting time in your life, be thankful. For it is in contrast when something will change.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Judging by Looks Alone

After writing Wednesday’s column Neale Donald Walsch, I stopped to consider the movie which I usually do after watching a film.  Returning to the topics and scenes, I consider whether the movie continues to resonate with me.  Typically, if I come out of a movie with positive feelings, I still have to let it percolate for a while before I can REALLY say if it was worth my time.


Conversations with God was no different.  While I watched the movie, I found myself a bit uncomfortable with Neale Walsch’s living arrangements.  Living on the street, looking for food behind restaurants, seeing others fight with drug and alcohol abuse can take its toll on anyone.


Everyone goes through challenges in their lives.  We who have the resources to live comfortably have to be grateful for our lives and when we see someone less fortunate, we should attempt to help those who need a leg up.  That doesn’t always mean giving out money.


It could something as simple as a smile.
It could be something as simple as letting someone get warm by allowing them inside.

Or as in one scene in Conversations with God that particularly stood out:
If someone needs to use the facilities in a public restaurant, we can certainly let them.


In the scene I’m referring to, Neale Walsch was outside a restaurant and needed the restroom. Whether this truly happened or not is beside the issue, I’m sure something similar has happened to the homeless:
A waiter standing outside the back door refuses to let Walsch in, while making derogatory comments.  It takes someone else to come out and let Walsch in.


While watching the movie I often wondered what Walsch would do after he became successful.  All it takes is to be in the right place at the right moment and meet the right person at the right moment. That’s what happened to him.


And it’s another example of God moving the right people into your life at JUST the RIGHT moment.

A woman named Leora Garcia enters Walsch’s life at THAT right moment.  She works for a radio station and hires Walsch as a part time DJ.  Little do either of them know that first encounter will leads to future success that is beyond either of their expectations.


Some who walk the homeless life do work their way back.

Why do we look at ALL the homeless and generalize them as in the scene I mentioned above where Neale needed the restroom and the waiter refused him entry, and making comments such as:
Why don’t you people get a job?
We don’t want you around here.  etc.


All the while I’m watching this exchange, I know clearly that Walsch eventually finds success that will eclipse this waiter.  I wonder what these people who knew the Walsch who lives on the street think of him now that he has success beyond anyone’s comprehension.  That’s why I titled this column as I did.


It so important to look beyond an initial impression of someone.  While first impressions are important, they shouldn’t be used as the ONLY judgement call one makes as can be clearly seen from this movie.


We all make judgements of people.  What we have to be aware of is NOT to carry those judgements through our entire lives.  We have to shake off those unwarranted beliefs.


God says:
Don’t judge, lest ye be judged.


Can you follow those words?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be positive!
Blessings to you.


Neale Donald Walsch


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Used to be if someone asked about me and what made me tick, I’d tell them to go watch The Grand Canyon.  While it’s true that movie made a deep impact on my early life before I knew what I was experiencing with my spiritual growth, Grand Canyon still resonates deeply with me.  It always will.  It’s an amazing movie that discusses one of the true paradigms of my life:
That everything happens for a reason.  It’s why I identify so strongly with the movie.


A couple weeks ago a movie came across Scranton Library being returned to another library in the system.  Neale Donald Walsch’s autobiographical Conversations with God.   My growth has been tremendous since the first time I watched Grand Canyon.  I’m no longer in the same place.


My spiritual growth has exponentially increased; but as I’ve written here before I don’t necessarily share that with people I meet on the street or even people who knew me before this leap forward.  If someone approaches ME, then I will gladly discuss my worldview.  I’m certainly not one to foist my opinions on someone who isn’t open to hearing them.  Writing Wisdom and Life is completely different, because as I’ve said here before as well:
someone can stop reading what I write and I won’t know.


The film Conversations with God, resonated on a much higher level for me after watching it, only because I’m at a higher plane now then I was when Grand Canyon came out.  Remember how I compared Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret to nursery school to where I am now?  After watching Conversations with God, I now have to place Grand Canyon in the same arena.


There is so much I want to relate.
There is so much I want to discuss.

So many scenes in Conversations with God moved me:
–When Neale Donald Walsch is writing the book, he is actually hearing God speak through him and Walsch is writing everything he is hearing.
That’s been my own experience with this blog.  NOT that I’m actually “HEARING” God speak; but the fact that I believe that I’m simply a conduit through which thoughts flow through me and are typed on a blank screen is what I’m referring to.


–One of the comments Walsch hears is:
What would Love do?
Again, this is part of my worldview.  I always stop to consider my motivations and think about what my actions will do to another.  Is what I say or do going to provide joy or despair, negativity or positiveness?


I do my best to move people in a positive manner.
I do my best to leave a situation a better place then when I arrived.

In other words, I think:
What would love do?

Everyone has the ability, has it within themselves to act in this way.  It’s a shame that everyone does NOT!


–Hearing Voices:
The movie is interspersed with the story of Walsch’s life before he is successful, living on the street, in a tent city with scenes of him speaking before large audiences.  In one such scene he discusses hearing God speak to him:
We all have the ability to hear HIM, Walsch says.  We only have to be still.  We only have to remain quiet.  And look for the signs that HE is speaking.

This is another area where Walsch and I agree.  I believe I’ve always seen signs that God is with me.  I’ve written about it here before in:
Trusting Divine Guidance
Pipeline to the Divine
The Voice of God


Neale Donald Walsch is correct when he says we all have the ability to hear God/The Divine/Source.  We simply can’t dismiss it when it happens.  EVERYTHING is A Matter of Choice.


Do we choose to believe Neale Donald Walsch indeed heard God’s voice?
Do we choose to believe we just saw a sign that the Divine spoke to us?
Do we choose to believe our faith is correct?

Why is one faith correct and another one isn’t?
It’s a matter of choice.


What do you choose?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Retirement Ad

We asked people what they would do if they could be paid to do what they wanted?  Isn’t that retirement is supposed to be for?


Everytime I see this ad, it causes my blood to boil over.  To all the young people just starting out in their careers:
Why wait for retirement to enjoy what you do?


I’ve said it before.
Don’t let anyone else dictate your life, your career.
Don’t let anyone divert your river.


The reason this ad doesn’t make me happy is that it is VERY easy to create a joyful career.  Simply follow your bliss.

Discover your passion and pursue that.
Find a way to make your passion your career.


We all understand what we want…
It’s only when we listen to someone else…

it’s only when someone else guides our ship that we become someone we are not.  If more of us listened to our souls, if more of us listened to our hearts, we wouldn’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy our careers.


Am I the only one that feels challenged by this ad?  Perhaps it is because I’ve awakened to the larger purpose of life, one of the reasons we incarnate:
To live a joyful life.
To find our purpose and to make that purpose our goal.


The goal isn’t to make money!

The goal is create happiness while we pursue our career.  Too many of us perform our goals backward which, now that I have time to step back and consider this television ad is who the commercial is aimed at.


It isn’t produced for those who have awakened.
It is for those who still blindly pursue someone else’s path set out for them.


Who knows?

Maybe, JUST maybe, the ad will bring about something good in the end:
It might JUST awaken others to the possibility that they don’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy life.  And maybe JUST maybe they will pass that on to their children.


Because as I’ve said here so many times in the past, if there is one thing that aggravates me more than anything else it’s when a well meaning family member attempts to divert their charge from doing what they love,
from creating a life through their gift.


That’s the REAL reason this ad is so disconcerting to me.  .


We can ALL have the life we want.
We can ALL have the life we deserve.


It’s very easy:
Listen to YOUR heart.
Listen to YOUR soul.


Block out everything else.
Follow your bliss and the Divine will open all the doors!


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson, the SF writer transitioned last week.

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Cinefestival Blogosfere

Who is Richard Matheson?  you may ask, if you’re not familiar with the SF genre.  I bet if I mention a few of his stories for both the screen and the page you’ll know him:
–Twilight Zone’s
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
–1971 Duel
–I Am Legend
–What Dreams May Come


See?  Now, maybe you understand why I do my best to influence people to pick up that SF/F book.  Take a chance on the genre.  If you wish to purchase any use THIS link:
Richard Matheson

Matheson is just one influential writer in that genre.  How many others have you passed up on because you don’t like SF?  I find it interesting when people who haven’t even deigned to look at SF literature, thinking:
Oh I don’t like that.


How do you know you don’t like it if you have never read anything in the genre?

Have you seen Duel?
Have you seen the Twilight Zone?
Have you seen What Dreams May Come?
How about Will Smith’s I Am Legend?


Did you enjoy those?


I’m so fortunate to be able to say that I met Richard Matheson in 1993 when he played Grand Master at the World Horror Convention (WHC) in Stamford Connecticut.  Matheson and I spoke at length about his influence in not only visual media but also in the written world.  So many of his stories, not just the ones listed above have influenced countless authors today.  I told him so as well.  He seemed genuinely pleased and as we passed each other throughout the convention, Matheson always stopped to say hello.  That convention changed my perspective on many authors I followed throughout their careers.


Matheson especially however as I recalled the Twilight Zones he penned and Duel as well.  I’ve seen Somewhere in Time, the Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour movie that was adapted from Matheson’s story Bid Time Return, many times over and I’ve read the book a few times too.  On one of the other occasions during the WHC when he walked by me, I stopped and spoke with him about the book and the movie.  I mentioned how much I enjoyed both.


See, now?

There’s another example of a popular movie that I’d be willing to bet many of you didn’t know that Richard Matheson penned.


My task set down for you now is to find a Matheson book.

–Be it:
Bid Time Return
–Be it:
What Dreams May Come
–Be it the short:


Read one of his stories then tell me you don’t like SF.


Richard Matheson will be missed.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Make a Difference

As I wrote in my column The Grand Canyon:
A chance meeting between two people can have implications for those people for the rest of their lives.

You never know when someone will enter your life and change everything.  It could be today.  It could be tomorrow.  Don’t take any encounter you have for granted.  You could be walking down the street tomorrow and run into a complete stranger and they may become your best friend, your greatest confidant.

Think about that the next time you want to lash out at someone you don’t know.

Maybe they cut you off in traffic.
Maybe they said something cruel.

Instead of LASHING out, why not REACH out, as the teacher did in this video called:
Make a Difference
.  As this teacher discovered, the student’s reasons for being sullen, obstinate, distant were rooted in his past.  Reach out and offer comfort to someone who is being cruel.

You just may discover a tender heart lies within after all.  Maybe a broken heart that just needs someone to care, someone to understand, someone to listen.  What can it hurt to give love instead of hate.  Give love instead of anger.

Can you make a difference today?
Can you shift your initial M.O. from lashing out to reaching out.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


God cures the patients.

God cures the patients, but the doctor takes the fee.


Hawkeye Pierce

One of all my time favorite shows is M*A*S*H*.  I watch it as often as I can and two nights ago JUST as I turned the show on, having missed the first five minutes, I heard the above quote.  Interesting in and of itself.  But what I found completely fascinating is that I still wanted to write one more blog to stay two weeks ahead.

Many of you who have been with me on this blog journey for awhile now understand my feelings about writing:
–That I’m directed what to write.
–That I’m simply a conduit.
What I write is a direct result of divine guidance.

I clearly understand I may receive odd looks when I suggest such a thing and that’s just fine.  This is what I believe; and remember that adage from Law of Attraction that our thoughts create our reality?  My reality is that the Divine is everywhere.  We only have to seek it out and when we hear the voice speaking to us, not to ignore it.  Accept it and be thankful for it.

As it was the other night:
I believe I missed the first few minutes of M*A*S*H* for the direct reason that I’d hear that quote from Hawkeye, giving me the inspiration I needed to complete my blogging schedule.

Nothing happens without the Divine’s explicit permission.

Our transition?
Our challenges?
I wrote about one such challenge here a couple years ago:  Paraplegic Berkeley Student Walks.  This can be used in any context that I’m referring to today.  Make sure you read the follow up A Dangerous Thing where I discuss what I’m writing here.  That we have a divine schedule and that everything we do has already been decided.  So now maybe you understand why I resonated so deeply with Hawkeye’s quote.

Everything in our lives is Divinely mapped out for us long before we incarnate each lifetime.  So what does all this have to do with Hawkeye’s quote?
Nothing happens unless God decrees it.

This is something I believe with all my heart.  It is only because too much has happened in my life not to see this as my truth.  After certain events have occurred, I’ve clearly seen the divine’s hand at work.  I can’t list everything here so I will direct you to Being Spiritual.

I clearly understand that many of you may cringe when I invoke that word.  Rest assured, however, as I say at least once each time I use it, that I don’t mean the religious God.  I use the word in a spiritual context, a universal context, a divine context.  I can’t begin to explain to you how how deeply my spiritual roots go.  I don’t attend organized religion, because I’ve never been comfortable being told:
Believe this.
Don’t believe that.

We should be able to make our own choices on what we believe, not force fed a particular paradigm.  As I’ve maintained here for some time.  Everything, I feel comes down to choice.

What do you choose to believe?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Being Equitable

Someone I know recently transitioned and I recently discovered that before he passed he left something to every client in his business.  There were several people he associated with directly on a weekly basis and he could very well have left something only to those he had direct contact with.  However to be fair and just he decided to include everyone.

This is almost unheard of and I knew it was worth writing about.  This action goes to say something about the person who did this.  Typically, when someone transitions any part of the estate usually goes to a business/foundation itself; not to the clients.

As I said above, he could have left something only to those he had direct contact with, that may have left hurt feelings, bruised egos, bad karma.  Because he wasn’t that way in life, he couldn’t have been any other way in passing.  It would be anathema to him.  He simply couldn’t leave anyone out.  What he did, created an air of goodwill that will continue to move throughout not just his workplace but throughout the universe as well.  He paid it forward.  Even in transition, his positive spirit reverberates, echos, boomerangs.

Being equitable was who he was in life, being grateful for everyone in his workplace was so important to him that he simply couldn’t leave anyone out.  By doing what this person did, he leaves a lasting impression on everyone whose life was touched by him.

How many of us would have done the same?
How many of us are charitable enough?

I know I’ll never forget this story.  It has moved me to think more about the next person I come in contact with.  This story even reminds of one of my favorite movies.  I’ve written about Grand Canyon here before.  The entire plot of the movie could be a parable for what this man did:
We are all connected and what one person does can have a lifelong impact on anyone else and we may not even know what that impact is and how far the ripples extend.

I’m sure everyone in that business certainly had no idea what impact they left on their associate.  Here’s hoping everyone reading this today will think twice about how they treat anyone they come across in the future.  You never know what impact you’ll make.

Hoping you make a positive lasting impression.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you,


Many Paths

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take.  The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain telling everyone else their path is wrong.

Hindu Teaching
Joleen Halloran

How many times has someone given you advice.
How many times has someone said:
You should be doing this, not that.

How many times has someone said:
You can’t make a living doing THAT.

Did you ever stop and think about the person saying that?  Offering you said advice?

When I came across Joleen’s graphic and quote above I immediately knew I must write about once again about the subject.  Even though I’ve spent an extensive amount of time discussing it I feel that it’s a subject we can all relate to again.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of the person running around telling everyone else their path is wrong.  Kinda humorous to envision this serious activity.

Serious, I think because no one should be in charge of our futures but us and the Divine.  Only God knows what’s best for us, and unless we follow the map HE sets out for us, we will find ourselves trapped in misery.

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain but only one is right for us.  We know what the right one is.  What brings us joy?  Where is our bliss?

That’s the correct path for us.  It’s like George Clooney said in The Men Who Stare at Goats said:
Your life is like a river.
If you’re aiming for a goal that isn’t your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. Young Gandhi wants to be a stock car racer? Not gonna happen.  Little Anne Frank wants to be a high school teacher? Tough Anne. That’s not your destiny. But you will go on to move the hearts and minds of millions.  Find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you. Sometimes events in life give an individual clues as to where their destiny lies.

I also love Clooney’s sentiment above because it is SOOOO true.  As many paths as there are there is only one true one for each of us and we must follow that one true path otherwise as Clooney says:
We  will always be swimming against the current.

We certainly cannot listen to the one running around the base of the mountain telling us that our path is wrong.  For only we know which is the right path for us.

Who will you listen too?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Coming Attractions

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.

Albert Einstein

Goodbye to Health and Fitness Monday.  Another Theme Monday will be here shortly.  Any suggestions?  Let me know.

I’ve discussed Einstein here in the past and what I find particularly intriguing about the man is his view on spirituality.  Until I started understanding him, I believed that there was a definite impenetrable wall between science and spirituality/religion.  That there was no room in the inn so to speak for both to cohabitate peacefully.

After writing this blog for almost three years now I’ve come to understand that there are and have been spiritual leaders and scientists who are breaking down those walls.  Einstein is one and Carl Sagan is another.  If you haven’t read  or seen Contact by Carl Sagan I highly recommend doing so.  The experience will change your opinion on Science versus Religion.  It certainly mad an impact on my worldview.

How many of us grew up playing the Imagine Game?  What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s the imagine game.  How many of us imagined what are doing today or at least something similar to what we imagined?

How many of us wish we were doing what we imagined we’d be doing when we were children playing the “Imagine Game?”  Einstein is right:
Your imagination IS your preview of life’s coming attractions.  But

only if you follow through.
only if you don’t get sidetracked.
only if you don’t let someone else detour your plans, your goals, your dreams.

Follow your imagination.
Follow your bliss.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road and you’ll find your coming attractions will be just as you planned, just as you imagined.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.