Saint Paul

Welcome to another edition of Saints Monday.  Today, let’s discuss Saint Paul.


Why Saint Paul?  I think my fellow bloggers and writers will relate as he is the Patron Saint of Writers.  He is the Patron Saint of Writers because he contributed many letters to The New Testament.

Have a case of Writer’s block?

Pray to Saint Peter to lift it.

Aren’t you supposed to pray to Patron Saints for challenges you face when the challenge matches their sainthood?

Praying to Saint Anthony who is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes worked when I misplaced one of my thumb drives.  Read the linked column above and you’ll CLEARLY see why I understand it was Saint Anthony who came through.  Some weird serendipity in the column.

Back to Saint Paul:

I wonder of Saint Paul could have been one of the muses.  If you are in the middle of a block, it is sometimes said to ask the muses to help.  Isn’t that one of the things Saints have been known to do?

Hmmmm.  Saints/Muses?  I don’t know.

Just a thought.  My brain sometimes makes these strange connections, especially now that I see connections everywhere.  Speaking of which, Saint Paul’s Feast day is June 29 and June 30.  In the early to mid 1990s when I was writing dark fantasy I attended a yearly writer’s conference and one of the years, the conference wound up going forward on June 29 and June 30.  I wonder now whether the organizers realized this.  Being that the conference was specifically for dark fantasy I have challenge believing the organizers were familiar with Saint Paul.  I wasn’t until I studied him a few weeks ago.

So many times after the fact, I find these connections and they continue to blow my mind.  I understand that since I’m in this paradigm, I should get used to seeing the connections and easily assimilating them.

Doesn’t happen!

Miracles of Saint Paul:
Paul heals a lame man in Lystra.
Paul raised Eutychus from the dead.
Paul healed diseases.

Maybe now you see why I can relate to Saint Paul.  Being a writer myself and seeing the connections as listed above are just a couple of reasons I wanted to include Paul in my “Saints” theme.

If anyone has Saints they relate to I’ll be glad to consider adding them.  Comment below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Witch of Little Italy

Well, I finished, +Suzanne Palmieri‘s book The Witch of Little Italy last night and OMG!  What a book.  One of the BIGGEST reasons it resonated so deeply with me is all the connections I felt to it.

–The fact that the Protagonist’s name Eleanor Amore (Wow!  Even seeing the name written is bringing goosebumps) is an amalgam of someone extremely important in helping me reach the spiritual level I’m at now.  See this column for more:

The Professor and her Husband


–So much of what Suzanne has written is SOOO much of what I believe.  If I wasn’t steeped in the paradigm that I’m in, if I didn’t understand that everyone is connected, it would be scary.  Another example is toward the end of the book (don’t worry!  Not giving any spoilers away.) on page 285-286 Suzanne says:

“Mama always said babies chose where to go, that they lived together in the guff.  Again chills.  Why?  Well this is why:

Do You Choose Your Family


In another line on page 285, she says:

Babies are wise souls in the guff, full of sight.  They can see the whole picture of the lives they touch.  More chills.  Here’s why again:

I’m An Uncle


I wrote in the 3rd paragraph of Deliberate Incarnation:

I always find it so fascinating that as souls we know EVERYTHING there is to know about the life we choose to inhabit before we incarnate.  Can you see it?  Soul upon soul looking down from above, picking the family they want, picking the life they know will give then the best opportunity to move forward.  The moment we understand humanity we lose our conscious thoughts as souls.  We forget what we knew when we chose to incarnate.


As I was reading The Witch of Little Italy, all of these thoughts flew around in my head, proving to me once again how connected we all are.  I know I said if I was in this paradigm it would be scary, because (now I hope Suzanne doesn’t take exception and I COMPLETELY understand that there are people who say this all the time.  How many people can back up that up however? ) it is almost as if she was reading my soul when she wrote the book.


Anyway, anyone steeped in the same paradigm as I am, would thoroughly enjoy this book.  As I said in one of my first posts, RUN don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and read this book.


After posting this on G+ yesterday morning Suzanne and I had been having an ongoing conversation.  Here’s what we’ve said back and forth:


I know we have not met. I know I was thrilled that you were interested in reading my book. But now? I know we have met… And out of all the amazing( and truly unexpected) reactions of people connecting with this novel… Yours has moved me the most. I am so honored. Really.



Oh! My! God,

The more I consider the book and all the connections I choose to see, the crazier it all seems.


I mean c’mon. I can sort of see ( no I can’t. No I can’t). I can’t see how ANY of the connections I felt to the book are possible. Can you?


It is just unbelievable.



I believe! I do. Also, I can’t wait to see if you connect with the Saint Martin’s Press novel that comes out next year! (The Witch of Magnolia Creek) S/S 2014. I have a co-authored novel coming out on May 28th.. under the name Suzanne Hayes…. and that’s magic in and of itself…


Connections abound everywhere if you choose to see them.  The connections I have to this book are undeniable as can be seen from the evidence above.  All you have to do is follow the links I’ve provided to my blog and you will clearly see the connections as well.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


I See Connections

When my brother Mike moved away from Madison, Connecticut to attend Northeastern in Boston, his intention was always to return to Madison.

Why did he choose Northeastern?
Was he REALLY responsible for choosing that school over another one?
Or was it a plan laid out long before he knew?

He met Kali at Northeastern.  They cultivated a friendship that over the course of time developed into something deeper.  When someone asks me now why Mike went to Northeastern, I say it was because he was SUPPOSED to go there.  He didn’t choose the school.  It was chosen for him.  Sometimes I get crazy looks when I reveal my thought process, when I explain what I believe.  But as with this example, when I show all the connections sometimes those same crazy looks morph into understanding.

Why did Mike go to Northeastern?
He went because that’s where Kali went

Why did my family move to Madison?
We moved here so that I could live in the town I work in.  To take it one step further, why did Mom get together with my Dad?
The short answer is:
She did so so, so I’d have the condo I now have.  Okay.  I see you shaking your heads and saying WHAT?

Well, see?  This condo belonged to my Dad’s Aunt and when she passed I was still living in my parent’s house.  It was a natural progression that since I was working in Madison, and I wasn’t planning on leaving, that the condo should be passed down to me. That’s what happened.

So, I see?  I see connections!

Back to Mike and Kali and the reason for today’s column:
I knew from early on that it was always Mike’s intention to return to Madison, so in February of this year when he announced his plan to move back this summer I wasn’t totally surprised, but what did surprise me was the suddenness of the talk.  He and Kali made the decision and there would be no looking back.  Some may say:
Why now?  Why not wait another couple of years?  There was no pressing need to come back.  After all they both lived within twenty minutes of work.  Don’t worry!  Bear with me.  Follow the thread and you’ll see.

They talked it over with our Mom and it was decided that they would move in with her at the end of May until they found a house in Madison.  That would throw my Mom’s life off kilter for some time.

My Mom being the way she is insisted it would be at least a year before they found a place.  From the moment discussion began, I was the lone dissenter.  I said they’d be out by September.  For those keeping track, that’s four months.  My Mom constantly said:
C’mon, Chris!  That’s four months.  How do you think they’re gonna find a place in that short period?

The same way I KNEW I’d be hired at my library in 1992 when I went back to school for library science and you asked what I was going to do with a Library Science degree.  The same way I knew Mike and Kali’s baby would be a girl.  My pipeline is completely unobstructed.

I see connections!

Mike and Kali looked at houses and each time they found one they liked someone would come in and make a stronger offer.  This happened EVERY time they put in an offer.  My advice was not to worry.  That just means something better is coming along.  There is a plan.  Just follow where life is bringing you.  I completely understand when my friends and family want to slap me upside the head (using a quote from my BEST friend here.)

I think Kali is starting to see the connections though too.  Because what happened about a week ago opened her eyes even further.  While Mike was working, she went to look at a couple of houses.

The first house was about half a mile from Mom’s.  Didn’t turn her on.
When Kali went to the second house everything fell into place.  The last piece to the puzzle connected and she saw the whole picture.

Shortly after she left, maybe the next day.  I don’t recall now, she called me.

Are you sitting down?  If not might be a good thing to do so.

This is what she said:
Turns out the house Kali looked at belonged to one of Mike’s best friends growing up.

Mike and I know the family who is selling the house now.

The realtor selling the house?  Well Mike went to school with his daughter.

There are children Rylee’s age all up and down the road.
The house is on a culdesac.  Perfect for Rylee as he grows up as she’ll be able to ride her bike.
There is handmade swing set in the back yard

What did I say each time the plan fell through?
That something better would come along?

And what else did I say?
That Mike and Kali and Rylee would be out of my Mom’s house by September?

Looks like my pipeline is indeed rushing like white water rapids.

When I sit here and write columns such as this one I feel completely at ease, because:
I see connections.

It all makes sense to me that our lives are mapped out for us.  We have nothing to fear.  Everything is working just as it should.  It’s like reading fiction.  We don’t know what’s gonna happen, but as long as we follow the story, follow the map, follow the road, our lives will unfurl just as they should.  I recall something I read once and I THINK I may have mentioned it here:
That we can drive in the pitch dark from coast to coast.  We only have to see twenty feet in front of us.  Our car’s headlights will light the way.  We simply have to trust.

Do you trust your headlights?
Do you trust your pipeline?
Do you trust the divine?

And now for the big question:
Do you see connections?

As I’m JUST finishing this column, John Hiatt’s song:
Uncommon Connection
just played on my iTunes shuffle.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare, The Little Engine That Could.
Children’s books?  Bet you’re thinking: How is Chris going to relate his blog to children’s books.  Well, stop and think for a moment.  What’s the theme of the books above?

Okay.  Have you discovered the theme?  How about instead of telling you, I show you.  One of the first rules of writing I learned from my friend, Jason Marchi, is:
Show don’t tell, 

although this rule has been around long before I knew Jason, he was the first to express it to me.
Jason is a clear example of the themes of both those children’s books.  I’ve mentioned him here several times in the past.  To refresh your memory of I came to know him, I’ll give you a brief time travel story.

We’re going back to 1989.  Hold on.  Are you ready?  Here we go!
Okay, August 1989.  I’m sitting in the kitchen in my parents house.  I just went to our mailbox and am now leafing through the mail.  I come across an adult education course catalog and see a six week writing seminar.  I decide to sign up.

Shortly after the first class starts, and the door is closed to the room, our instructor begins telling us about the six week course.  The door opens once more and someone walks in.  I look up and immediately feel a connection.  Like I know this person.  It’s the first time I’ve EVER felt such a strong connection.  I knew we’d wind up being friends.  I don’t know how I knew it, the connection was that strong however.  It was only later after I understood about past life connections that I realized we may have known each other in the past.  That’s what I believe.  Whether someone else has another theory doesn’t trouble me.  We all have our own worldview, our own belief system.

Jason, I discovered had been writing from an early age, just like myself.  Nothing detoured him.  No obstacle was big enough to prevent him from fulfilling his lifelong goal of becoming a successful published author.

Okay.  That should be enough time in the past.  Hold on!  We’re returning to 2011.  Are you ready?  You crinkle your eyes.  Wait!  you say.  It’s not 2011.

I understand; but I’m bringing you there for a specific reason.  Don’t fret.  You’ll see when when we get there.  I have to tell a little back story to catch you up on Jason’s history; so while we’re travelling back to 2011 just relax and listen.
As I said earlier in this post, Jason knew from early on that he wanted to write for a living. Slow and steady, he proceeded beginning with short stories and poetry.   Hmmm.  Slow and steady.  Does that sound familiar?  Maybe the tortoise winning the race against the hare?  Like the tortoise beating the hare, like the little engine slogging up the hill, Jason reached one summit in 2011 seeing his children’s book:
The Legend of Hobbomock:
The Sleeping Giant published and the success only mounted as he was written up in various state wide publications and he recenty discovered that he won a Connecticut Press Club Award for his book.

So, see?  It is always slow and steady that wins the race.
There is no overnight success.

If you feel like giving up, if you feel that all your endeavors aren’t seeing the light of day, remember one more step, one more day might be all you need.
If your heart sings when you’re doing something, if you’re floating on air when you’re doing it, that’s your gift.

Don’t shove it aside.
Don’t give up.
Don’t give in.

Jason and I are alike in that we both knew what we wanted from an early age and we both let nothing stand in our way, detour us or block our path to future success.  I think that’s what drew me to him that day long ago in 1989. I saw a similar soul, someone who had the same drive. I’m convinced we knew each other in the past and I’m also convinced we’ll know each other in the future.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.