Being Yourself

By simply being yourself, you can help the people in your life see a living example of consciousness.


Expanding Their Vision


The DailyOm is an email newsletter I receive with an inspirational message.  Expanding Their Vision which is linked above gives several examples about how to bring about change in others.  This one is especially relevant to me:
Casually point out the interconnectedness of all living beings using concrete, everyday examples. Many people are unaware of how their actions affect the world and are intrigued when they learn of the power they hold.


I do my best through this blog and interacting with my friends and acquaintances to show just how truly connected everyone really is.  For example:
Tonight (Tuesday, October 8) while working at the library a friend of mine came in and we started talking.  I knew this friend and I had another mutual friend and when I mentioned her name, my library friend couldn’t believe that we both knew the same person.


See?  This kind of stuff no longer surprises me, because I now see the world differently.
–I understand that EVERYTHING is connected.
–I see the Divine in EVERYTHING.


And I do my best to shine a light on the dark places that people don’t see.
And I do my best to remove the spiritual blinders from those who want to see more clearly.


It is important for me to help us move forward.  However I won’t speak of my worldview unless someone asks me or unless I see that they have similar tastes.  Unlike my brother, John Jennings I will not be confrontational.  If you don’t want to hear what I have to say then that’s fine.  I don’t want to be antagonistic.  My whole life now is involved with compassionate enlightenment, not contrary preaching.  As the quote above suggests:
I’m simply being myself.


I love the quote I’m using to inspire this column today because it is truly what I believe.  Those of you who have been following Wisdom and Life for sometime understand this as it is clearly spelled out on my blog:
Take me or leave me. I no longer worry what others think.


I don’t say that to be cruel.  It is just the way I feel.  The people who want to be around me will stay.  I’m not about to censor myself.  I’d be doing an injustice to me and others who were interested in my worldview.  My brother John Jennings and I share a passion for our spiritual nature.  John is a bit more aggressive.  He wants to make sure you understand that God is above all.  I have a different approach, a softer approach.  Yet we are two sides of the same coin and for that reason, we can talk for hours about our belief systems.


John and I have more similar traits than we do opposite characteristics.  By simply being ourselves we can feel comfortable enough in our differences to embrace our similarities.  Take us or leave us, we no longer worry what others think.  If you want to move people forward, the lessons in The DailyOM Expanding Their Vision is a great place to start.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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