Been There. Done That.

One of the blogger tools I use is SeededBuzz, a now defunct service.  It’s marketing site for your blog.  The way it works is that you register your blog with the site and they review your blog and accept you or not.  Should they accept you then you can begin reading other entries that members post.  The idea is to find entries that resonate and write about them in YOUR blog and linking back to their entry.  I’ve been using SeededBuzz for a few months now and have attracted several new readers to my own blog.  I’ve also discovered a few I wouldn’t have known unless I subscribed.  A win win on all sides.

Words From The Soul recently wrote a post called Lost in Life.  Ya know what?  Been there!  Done that!  Everyone has been through a phase in their life where they doubt themselves, where they believe everything is working against them. There was a time about twenty years go where I was at this point.  I was out walking in the woods not far from my house.  Yes, I carried my faith with me then as well.  Not nearly as much as I carry now however.  I got down on my knees, looked up and said, please God.  Help me! No lie here!  I PROMISE you this is the God’s honest truth.  I felt a hand reach out and pull me up.  Didn’t hear voices but that hand pulling me up was all the sense I needed.  I understood at that moment that I was truly blessed, that there was something or someone beyond my comprehension that was within reach when you needed it.  That experience started me down the spiritual path I’m on now.  It’s long road and one I’m still on to this day.  I hope to be travelling the same path for years to come. I found a piece of wood lying beside where I was pulled to my feet that day.  I picked that wood up and brought it home with me.  I varnished it and dated it.  It’s my Rod and my Staff as in:
Thy Rod and thy Staff they comfort me.BeenThere
Everyone face challenges in their lives.  What we have to remember is that everyone thinks their challenges are unique.  No one has it as bad as me, you might be thinking.  That’s so far from the truth.  There is ALWAYS someone far worse off then you.  Look around.  It won’t take long to find that person.  Chances are that person is probably thinking the same thing:
No one has it worse then me. Or Maybe they’ve become enlightened and find the blessing .It’s all perspective. You have the choice to see the curse or the blessing.
Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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