Be Careful What You Ask For

One of the tenets of Law of Attraction says:
To ask for something of the Universe/God/The Divine
–Write it down and be as specific as possible.
Give a time limit and make your request something you don’t think you could get any other way.
–Don’t dwell on the request.
Put it out of your thoughts as much as possible.
–When it arrives, thank the giver, whoever you feel that is.

Have you ever experimented with this?  I have.  Let me tell you; it is scary how well this process works.

It has worked with the friendships I now have.
I didn’t fully understand that the friends I have now are a COMPLETE result of this Law of Attraction tenet until I was immersed in the friendships for a couple years.  I looked back at the relationships I have cultivated and I clearly see that I have received what I have asked for.

That old adage:
Be careful what you ask for because you JUST may receive it.
is something to pay close attention to when putting out there what you want.  

Before you voice what you want
Before you write down what you want,

Think long about the ramifications when you receive it.  Because receive it you will.  The Universe/God/Source has no option but to bend when you ask.  And what you ask for will come EXACTLY in the way you ask for your intention.

I am reminded of the old Dark Fantasy story called The Monkey’s Paw when relating the preceding.  If you’re not familiar with the story search it out.  I made it easy by creating a Google Link above.

My advice is to consider deeply what you want and be as specific as possible, as I said above BEFORE you put your intention on paper and BEFORE voicing your intention.  You don’t want a time to come when you regret your intention.  Fortunately I now understand this and have shifted my thought process, my intentions in this direction so I now consider carefully before I put forth my wish.

Another example I saw to fruition:

Several years ago around the beginning of November I put forth that I would receive an unexpected check of $500.00 by the end of month.  I wrote the intention on a piece of paper and left it in my wallet.  Two days after Thanksgiving the check arrived.  I nearly forgot about the note and when I opened my wallet to put the check in I saw the note.  I laughed out loud and shared the note with the person who wrote me the check.

 They were in as much shock as I was.


See?  This stuff REALLY does work.

Law of Attraction is real.
You simply have to believe.

I’m now tasking you with the following:

Think of something that you desire.
Consider carefully the consequences of receiving your intention.

–Write out your intention.

Be as specific as possible.
Give a deadline.

–Put the thought out of your mind

–When you receive what you’ve asked for thank the giver.

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Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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