Another Boat, Another Boat, Another Boat

There’s an expression in the physical environment that you use to entertain each other. (it doesn’t serve you very well) that says, “I worry that I’ll go down to the dock, and that my ship will have already come and gone. I’ll miss my boat.” 

And we say, another boat, another boat, another boat. You have no idea how many boats are coming to your dock. It’s a steady stream, and it doesn’t matter how many of them you’ve missed. The only thing that matters is what are you doing right now in your vibration? And you can tell what you’re doing right now in your vibration by the way you feel.


Monday, November 11 2013

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Since arriving at this point in my life…
Since understanding Law of Attraction…
Since practicing Law of Attraction on a daily basis…


I’ve come to see the world in a much different way.  A more positive way.  Abraham-Hicks has played a huge role in developing my Law of Attraction paradigm. I’ve been receiving the Abraham-Hicks Daily quote for several years now and most of the time I connect with what is sent.  November 11 is no exception.


Many of you, if you’ve been following Wisdom and Life for some time may see a conflict here.  You may be saying, but Chris; I’ve seen you write extensively of your belief in predestination.  How can you rectify your belief in predestination with this concept of many boats arriving carrying your gift?


I say this is an easy case to rebut:
We only have one choice to make and that choice turns out to be the one we have to make in order to move forward in this life.  Every choice is predetermined to create challenges and gifts.  

–The challenges move us forward.
–The gifts keep us present.


It doesn’t mean that there is ONLY one boat arriving.

It just means we can pick only one boat at a time.  If one boat begins to sink, there is no reason you must stay in that boat.  Predestination doesn’t mean you must go down with the ship.  That’s where the image of another boat and another boat and another boat comes from.  There is an unlimited supply of actions for one to take.


Keep pushing forward.
Keep your eye on the horizon.


Abraham-Hicks is right and I can clearly rectify my worldview with Law of Attraction and Faith.  After all, just look at Wisdom and Life’s tagline:
Where Law of Attraction Meets Faith and Spirituality.


There is no reason why anyone has to go down with the only ship they are on at the moment.  It’s just like the saying:
When God closes a door he opens a window.


He certainly doesn’t expect us to ignore the opened window.
He certainly doesn’t expect us NOT to search for the opened window.
Just as he doesn’t expect us NOT to jump off a sinking boat.


God wants what is best for us and only he knows what is best for us.  It is why some things end and why new things begin.  All you can do is hold on and find the calm waters to row your boat in.


Is your faith strong enough to know you are on the right path?
Is your faith strong enough to know that if you don’t feel passion for what you are doing to jump off and find another boat?  
If you’re not feeling passion, then your boat is leaking.  Can you jump out?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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