Commenting Conundrum

Here’s my Social post for this week.  As you’ve noticed, I have branched out a bit thematically with my blog.  Here is a question for the blogger community, especially those on Google+.  Do you have a preference where people leave comments?
–Do you prefer your blog?
–Do you a more open environment such as a social platform like, Google+, like Facebook for those of you still on that network?

This question first popped in my head when I discovered Carson Weitnauer on G+.  Carson writes blog and he has disabled commenting at his blog.  He prefers to have his comments appear in an open environment where everyone can see them, not the closed area of his blog.  By closed I mean the ONLY way for someone to see a comment and reply is by going to the blog.

Both blog commenting and social commenting have their advantages and disadvantages.

–Which do you prefer?
–Which do you get more of?

I suppose being the social media guy I’m turning into, I SHOULD prefer social commenting, especially on a platform like, Google+.  Not only does, social commenting open the web, Google+ also makes it easy to share content.  By sharing, you are able to reach a wider audience.  If commenting is disabled on your blog and you leave a clear reason why you have disabled it, you’ll have a better opportunity to be shared as well as receiving more social commentary.

This is still a conundrum for me.
How bout my fellow bloggers?  Which do you prefer?
Can you do both without one interfering with the other?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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Commenting Conundrum — 8 Comments

  1. Since most of my blogs are not designed to be shared, I would prefer to have comments directly on the blog. Perhaps if I get back into social, share-able blogging at some point, I might consider encouraging G+ comments as well as direct blog comments. But I don’t think I would ever disable blog comments completely. Interesting idea, though.

  2. I definitely prefer comments left on my blog…But it’s always nice if someone “likes” the post , when I post it on G+ or FB, and then leaves a comment on my blog. That’s ideal! :)

    Btw…I can’t help but be disappointed when I read a great article and the comments are disabled and I can’t share my thoughts towards the article! Kind of a pet peeve of mine. ;)

  3. Interesting point, Chris! I’d have to say that I love getting comments directly on my blog, but like them on the Facebook feed, too, when I post my blog there. Either way, feedback is encouraging.
    Loved hearing from you today, my friend! :)

  4. I didn’t see my first comment pop up here, so will try again. We’re on vacation, so I’m using Danny’s laptop – not as predictable as my computer at home. :)
    Yes! I love comments on my blog and on the feed when I post to Facebook and the various blogging groups to which I belong.
    Loved hearing from you today, Chris, and have responded.
    Blessings, my friend!

  5. I prefer comments on Google+ and as soon as they release the comment plugin, I’ll be switching over.

    I’ve debated disabled comments, but I know a portion of my audience isn’t on Google+ where I am most active and I don’t want to keep them from being able to add their thoughts and perspectives.

  6. Very good question. Been thinking about this lately, myself. I really think of my blog as more of an archive. I don’t want to disable comments on the blog, but I really think Google+ is more conducive to real conversation.

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